Speed Delineators

Tall (1.15 meter/4 feet) slim (10cm/4 inches) fluorescent red or orange plastic post & cone with reflective tape and removable heavy rubber bases are frequently used in road traffic control where traffic cones would be inappropriate due to their width and ease of movement. Also referred to as delineators, the bases are usually made from recycled rubber, and can be easily glued to the road surface to resist movement following minor impacts from passing traffic. Sometimes called “T-Top Bollards” from the T-bar molded into the top for tying tape, the bollard is an economical, cost effective and safe delineation system designed especially for motorways and busy arterial roads. In conjunction with plastic tape, it is also effective in pedestrian control.


  • Standard with molded lower handhold grip;
  • Convenient T-top carry handle and molded in bolt hole for flashing light;
  • Improved recesses create a deeper area for reflective bands - stronger ribs provide maximum band protection.